Sam Kriger
Musical Director, Composer, Arranger, Conductor
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Firmly assisted by the polished support of her pianist and musical director, Sam Kriger and a tightly balanced quartet, Carter found herself comfortably nestled in the ballads of Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern. George Gershwin and Cole Porter. With the thrust, pluck and fortitude of Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter conquered the big apple with appealing poise, dignity and aplomb.



Download (pdf)“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Sam Kriger over the past few years, on the many occasions we performed together when he has accompanied my father and I in concert. He is always professional, prepared, and plays with a sensitivity and finesse that would be a joy to any singer.”

“Sam Kriger has been arranging, conducting, and rehearsing concerts for my wife Jan and me for over twenty years. He is an excellent musician, and I would not trust anyone else. Whoever you may be, you’ll find out how great he is!”

“Sam Kriger is a very diligent, trustworthy, conscientious, honest, and hard-working individual. He has worked for both Mickey and me, going ‘beyond the call of duty’ many times with a caring nature and great enthusiasm. I cannot recommend Sam enough.”

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Sam since DreamWorks’ earliest days. We’ve spent many hours in the studio together. Sam’s musical talents and versatility have proven to be valued time and time again.”
- MARYLATA E. JACOB, DreamWorks Music

Sam Kriger has been my number-one accompanist and conductor for over a decade. I have found him to be not only a superb accompanist but a much accomplished pianist, arranger, conductor, and good friend. He embodies all that any singer could wish for, and I am delighted to give him the highest marks in a recommendation”

Sam Kriger has been my conductor and pianist for the last twenty one years. He is excellent at his job and is easy to work with. He is also great company, and I highly recommend him.”

“Please consider this endorsement for the talent and the man, Sam Kriger. I find Sam to be extremely conscientious, fully focused, and amazingly flexible while always putting the artist and the music first.”
- BROOKS ARTHUR, artist and producer, recording engineer, and music supervisor who has worked with Bette Midler, Michael Feinstein, Neil Diamond, and Van Morrison,
among others.

“I have known Sam Kriger for over 30 years and have been consistently bowled over by his talent, energy, and enthusiasm. Sam and I have shared a fairly eclectic range of musical experiences together and I know, first hand, that Sam can do it all: compose, produce, perform, sing, and more! He does all these things extremely well, with the bonus being Sam’s incredibly positive and focused energy. He nails every musical challenge and is a pleasure to spend time with.
- JOHN ZUKER, composer-producer for many national commercials and television series.

“Thank you, Sam, for producing a superior album for me: from the arrangements to the special musical material to the recording itself. I truly feel I owe its artistic success to you. Your talents as a composer and arranger are exceeded only by your generosity and gentility as a human being. Anyone who has been exposed to the breadth and artistry of your work knows that yours is a rare talent; it’s my privilege to have found it.”
- KIRBY TEPPER, celebrated composer, singer, songwriter, and actor.


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